High Quality Video for Businesses/Organizations Is A MUST — Especially Online

If your business or organization doesn’t have a professionally produced video to use for online and presentation purposes, you should. Studies have shown that a website with a high quality video is over 50 TIMES MORE LIKELY to result in a visitor taking action than a page/site without a good video. Contact East Alabama Media at (334) 444-6796 to discuss your video needs, whether it’s a 30-second television commercial, short online video, full length presentation/training video… we’ve got you covered. Mean while, here’s a recent High Definition video production as an example of the kind of quality you can expect…

Did You Know…?

Dan Gunter, Owner/Producer of East Alabama Media is Alabama’s only member of the Steadicam Operators Association, founded by Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam? Or that East Alabama Media offers aerial HD videography (up to 4K High Definition) and high-resolution photography using a multi-rotor, unmanned aerial vehicle system?

For more information, contact us and let us know what your video/photo needs are!

A New Focus in 2015

Major investments have been made over the past few months in order to provide even better services and media products for East Alabama Media clients in 2015. A new Sony High-Definition digital video camera, aerial cinematography/photography equipment, and new software are just some of the new tools that have been added.

New alliances have also been formed to expand and enhance the service offerings.

It’s all about giving you the highest quality, most effective services and products available.

Watch for more announcements coming soon. May 2015 be your best, most exciting year ever. We certainly intend to make it our best. Call us at (334) 444-6796 if you’re serious about your brand and message.