An Interesting Discovery at Lowe’s

Pantone Emerald

Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

The Pantone color system is arguably THE language of color among designers and has been for a long time. I depend heavily on the Pantone system for matching and selecting colors for everything from print materials to signs and websites. So I must admit that it really grabbed my attention when I discovered a new display at the local Lowe’s building supply store a couple of days ago. They have an end-of-aisle display promoting paint in Pantone’s color of the year for 2013, which is Emerald. It’s an amazing color. For those who are curious about or as fascinated with colors as I am, you can learn more about Pantone’s Emerald color at the following link:


Memorial Day Weekend Is Here!

Another very busy week is coming to and end here at East Alabama Media. I am making this an extended, four day weekend. Lots of little fix-up projects and such on the “to do” list are calling my name. Whatever your plans are for this Memorial Day weekend, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable one. The weather is shaping up to be great throughout the weekend so get out and make the best of it!



Wrapping Up a Very Busy Week

It has been a really busy but productive week here at East Alabama Media. Along with lots of website and social media marketing work for clients, orders for magnetic signs have been filled, along with some custom boat decals being made and shipped out to California. Add to that some advertising and branding strategy sessions with clients — along with a few other odds and ends — and you might be able to imagine just how busy it has really been.

But that’s okay, because it’s all about doing great work for great clients. The weekend is coming up and I hope it’s a great one for everybody! Everyone be safe, enjoy your weekend, and I wish you all a great start when next week rolls around.

~ Dan


What’s up with the total site rebuild?

Everything changes with time. And over time it has become clearer and clearer that the clients who are getting the greatest benefit from their investment in my time, skills, and services are those clients with whom long-term, strategic partnerships have been developed and maintained. Clients who simply want a quick “one off” sign, banner, a small printing job, etc. are totally missing out on what I have to offer. Likewise, clients who do invest in getting the maximum benefit from my services are being done somewhat of an injustice when I am distracted by small jobs which consume a great deal of time and energy. Similarly, businesses and organizations who spend their time running around to various vendors to have certain work performed by one B2B vendor and other work performed by other service providers are more often than not wasting their valuable time and resources which could be more than saved by developing a strategic alliance with one service provider who can meet those needs at comparable, if not lower, pricing — with only one number to call whenever a need arises.

Therefore, I — d/b/a “East Alabama Media” — have made the decision to remain focused on those partner clients and move away from what might be described as “here and there retail work,” such as small sign and printing jobs that aren’t part of a bigger picture which we are working regularly with a client to paint and promote.

If someone referred you to this site because our pricing on signs, printing work, vehicle graphics, video production, audio production, etc. are really competitive while the quality is great, I wish to say “Thank you” to whomever referred you, as those referrals are the greatest compliment on the work I have been doing to date; however, it is my sincerest desire to do the very best work possible for those clients who turn to and depend on me to accomplish bigger and better things for them. In order to best help them sustain and grow their businesses over the long-haul, this change was simply the obvious choice. And it is what will continue to make East Alabama Media the obvious choice for developing and implementing marketing and branding strategies that are cost-saving, doable, and effective.

Whether your business is a small start-up trying to get the most from precious resources, or a large, established company that would like to receive comprehensive services at rates you might not have thought existed, call East Alabama Media at (334) 444-6796 to discuss your needs.

If you are already one of our partnership clients, welcome to the new look and feel of the East Alabama Media Website. Thank you for being a partner and for your continued trust in me to provide you with great service. I look forward to being of service to you for a long time to come! If you haven’t yet experienced the level of service I strive hard to offer — but you would like to find out more about how I can assist you in getting more bang for your marketing bucks, call (334) 444-6796 to find out more.

Dan Gunter, Owner/Producer/Designer
East Alabama Media